Angelo Reyes was born the middle child to an Italian-Filipino family who moved from Italy to Virginia Beach, VA when he was 10. He struggled with his cultural identity which eventually led him into exploring acting.

Angelo has appeared in various TV shows and movies such as Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots and House of Cards.

After years of acting as well as an opportunity to write and produce tv shows, Angelo felt that he was destined to take his skills and apply them to a higher purpose.

He moved to NYC to formally study acting and writing which opened a new creative world for him. Angelo learned to take his passion of enacting stories to a new level by wholly owning the creative process from beginning to end through writing and producing.

He has spent the last couple years developing multiple human impact stories that ignite emotion and awareness with consciousness around inclusion and diversity.

Angelo developed his passion to write stories that were relatable and was able to portray characters based on real life and tying in the Filipino culture.