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Actors Blueprint

The writer creates the blueprint or the outline for the actor to perform through words and actions. But as an actor, you have to go deeper than just follow what the writer gives you. You must study the character, feel, and understand their pain. You create the interior, the living space - the heart and soul of...
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Shake up

  Often times, our lives have to be completely changed and turned up side down to relocate us to the path we are meant to be on. People will try to deter you away from it. This is a sign that you are close to your destination in your life. Trust that He has a plan for you...
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Busy Lives

Dream Big. Keep your faith. We are so busy trying to pursue our dreams that we forget the most important things that will keep us grounded - God, Family, & loved ones. Ask yourself - Who's hand will you be holding when all your dreams come true?

Angelo Reyes

Opportunity is knocking

    Not all closed doors are locked. Most of us just need to learn how to turn the knob. Once we do, we'll learn that there are two types of doors that are presented to us. Light entry doors are taken by many, only because it doesn't require much effort to open. This is where we begin...
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