Short Film: Heartless
SAG/AFTRA: Picture ID: 380575
Executive Producer, Producer, Lead Actor: Angelo Reyes

Directed by: Chris Abaya
Heartless was originally a feature film written by Chris Abaya and produced by yours truly, Angelo Reyes. Needless to say, this film is very special to me because I put every blood and sweat in this film. The budget for this film was under $15,000, which was funded from my own pocket.  I loved playing the lead character, Ray Chandler, because he released multiple levels of emotions that allowed and challenged me to expose my range as an actor.  I designed the poster and graphics for the trailer. This short won its first award of merit at the "Best Shorts Competition" for its production. I wanted to show a high production value. I was granted permission by the city of Virginia Beach and the city of Norfolk, Va. to shoot on such beautiful property which gave the film such great quality. The fire fighters were all real, includes the trucks and police cars. I put a lot in this film. I will make the full feature film.


The official trailer of :Heartless
Produced by: Angelo Reyes
Written and Directed by: Chris Abaya
Trailer Edited by: Chris Abaya
Graphics Designed by: Angelo Reyes